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Put a little gold in anything and suddenly you’ve caught everyone’s attention! Maybe it is the ridiculous wastage of precious material; maybe it’s the glamorous sheen that sends us into a helpless trance. Whatever it is, possessing make-up and beauty products that contain bits of gold in it is definitely a luxurious statement that not everyone can afford. But fret not, for we’ve picked out a handful of doable pieces that wouldn’t cost you your first born child.

1. Facial Blotters

1AVia thebeautycoach

If you are an unfortunate victim of oily skin, you might appreciate these Tatcha Aburatorigami gold flecked facial blotters. Priced at $12 for 30 sheets, these might just seem like any other facial blotters at initial glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it is unlike any other facial blotters (badam tss!). Jokes aside, each sheet of the gold-flecked blotters are much larger than average, almost the size of one’s face in fact, and they have been reported to work excellently – only absorbing the excess oil from the facial area without affecting existing makeup or leaving a powdery residue like some other brands do.

2. Makeup Primer

2Via grapevinexpress.com

This is one product you can take at face value. The GUERLAIN L’or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base is a 24-carat gold infused makeup primer suitable for dry and combination skin types. Applied as a base coat prior to foundation, this primer is ideal for smoothing fine lines and tightening facial features to create a perfectly even canvas for you to start your daily makeup routine on. Although a little pricey at $71, it can last a long time as a pea-sized pump of this liquid gold is enough to provide coverage for the entire face.

3. Gold Dusting Powder

3Via bikibikishop.com

Metallic eye shadows may have been in during the 70s, but retro is back, baby! There’s no eye shadow more golden than this Jane Iredale 24K Gold Dust shadow, retailing at $13.95, which contains actual gold for a more genuine sparkle. Apply this eye shadow all over the eyelid and pair it with a dark orange or brown shadow on the crease for some contrast, and complete it with a flick of mascara for that mysterious Egyptian look.

4. Golden Tresses


Via monlook.com

Getting ready for a glam party? This pomade will definitely get heads turning your way. It contains, as you may have guessed by now, 24-carat fine gold specks that give your hair a luxurious (but not tacky) shimmer. Just smooth some on to wet or dry hair to sleek up your regular hairdo into a glamorous one. This Oribe 24k Gold Pomade retails at a mid-range $39.99.

5. Glowing with Gold


Via amazon.co.uk

Always wanted that natural glowing look? The Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder is infused with ultra-fine gold specks and gives you a flattering and illuminating glow as if you’re sitting directly under candle light. Retailing at $20, this powder by Too Faced contains Vitamin C, which is great for stimulating collagen production on the face for a brighter, firmer, and supple complexion. The translucent quality of the powder means it can be used for all skin tones, from paler ones to deep toned skin types.

6. Pretty Pouts


Via fashionup.ro

Coat your lips with this rich and glossy gold-flecked lip gloss that is so high in shine, they practically turn into two little mirrors. The Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in Golden Amber retails for $30, a reasonable price for something that contains bits of 24-carat gold in it. It also contains nourishing nigelle and cameline oils which keep your golden lips hydrated and kissable all day.

7. Golden Balm


Via more.com

If you’re sick and tired of that sticky feeling on your lips after a round of lip balm, you might want to invest in the By Terry or De Rose Balm Precieux. It may be a little bit of a splurge at $70, but the rose gold component in the mix makes this balm like no other, promising a soft, plump and sparkling pout thanks to its 26 anti-aging active ingredients that is concentrated in this little jar of ‘lippy’ goodness.

8. Sterling Irons


Via amazon.com

Who needs regular curling tongs when you have gold plated ones? Elevate by Andis Professional contains an infusion of nano silver which helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria, and is gold plated which quickens, the heat-up time to only a minute, and provides a maximum heat of up to 200°C that is required for optimum hair curling while minimising the damage to your hair. The Andis Elevate Nano-Silver Gold Infused Curling Iron is available in most online retail outlets for under $30.


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