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Quirky, a website that lets ordinary people become successful inventors has taken many ideas from the community and brought them to life; further on helping these inventors and products to make their way into big-name retailers. Quirky has raised more than $90 million to date.

The latest invention by Quirky, in partnership with GE is the Egg Minder. The brainchild of Rafael Hwang, this “smart egg tray” that syncs via Wi-Fi allows you to use your smartphone to check how many eggs are left in the tray, especially when you’re out shopping for eggs and you’ve forgotten how many are there left.


What’s more is that, the Egg Minder also lets you know when the oldest one got in there so you know how fresh your eggs are! You can also select each egg one by one to find out when they’re going bad. There’s an indicator, a bright blue LED in the centre of the tray that indicates which egg is the oldest. The Egg Minder holds up to 14 eggs, and runs on two AA batteries.

Available on Quirky for $69.99, who said you shouldn’t place all your eggs in one basket?

_MG_2009_BLUE-5 _MG_2159-sync screen_BLUE-1 _MG_2197_BLUE-2 _MG_2208_BLUE-3

(Via Quirky)



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