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The ultra-compact Lotus Elise may be viewed as too much of a trackbound weekend toy by casual enthusiasts. But its slightly larger sibling, the Lotus Exige S, may just present a more practical balance between track supremacy and road use. Known for cars with impeccable handling and power to weight ratio, Lotus has added aesthetic charm and lifestyle versatility to its appeal, thanks to the Exige S.

Traditionally, the bulk of love for Lotus cars came almost completely from seasoned auto-enthusiasts who are passionate about driving. These were the purists who understood the brand’s impeccable knack for making extremely effective sports cars. However, the move by Lotus to expand its niche with lifestyle appeal meant that up until the past decade or so, more people are beginning to look at Lotus cars not for what they would use them for, but for the pent-up potential that they were built with. The cherry topping is, of course, how equally stunning these symbols of engineering marvels look.

Exige S Cup 22_08_12_23p

Since its conception in 2000, the Lotus Exige S has evolved into a highly refined sports car, securing a special place in the hearts and minds of engineers, racing enthusiasts, and laymen alike. With a 3.5 litre capable of launching the car from naught to 100 in 4.0 seconds flat, that is indeed a very powerful engine in a very small car. In practice, the setup gives the Exige S the ability to beat the mighty 5.2 litre Audi R8 V10 by a hair in terms of acceleration. Top numbers like that off with the fact that the Exige S can take corners almost as well as a Porsche GT3, and you’ve got yourself unmatched price to true power ratio.

Keep in mind, though, that a comparison like the ones that we just made are strictly based on effective power here and ignoring the bells, whistles, and bling that the R8 and GT3 are equipped with. But since those cars cost about four times more than the Exige S, the very reasonable price tag on the Exige S more than justifies its worth. Of course, the Exige S isn’t exempted from having its own brand of fun features.

There are many performance-tuned features in the Exige S, but one worth highlighting is the list of three distinct driving modes that the Bosch system can provide you with: Touring, Sport, and Race. The first mode will keep your car from skidding to avoid danger. The second gives you some leeway for mischief; a longer leash if you will. Depending on your skill level, the third will either turn you into a bull in a china shop or Kimi Raikkonen.

Described to be as nimble as a housefly by celebrity car reviewer Jeremy Clarkson, the Lotus Exige S packs a more powerful engine and more creature comfort than the zippy Elise while maintaining the potent handling that Lotus is revered for. So, be it the race tracks or city roads, the Lotus Exige S is more than ready to handle it all in style. The only question that remains is “Are you ready for it?” To secure your rightful place in the Lotus Exige S, call 03-77250182 or visit the Lotus Flagship showroom at Sg Penchala, Damansara.



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