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Escaping the sun in an equatorial country like Malaysia is like trying to train your cat to fetch – it’s almost impossible and just downright frustrating. But not all of us are rich enough to hire a full-time executive umbrella holder a la Michael Jackson. Fret not just yet; Elles De Mont’ sunblock products are made with the qualms of the tropical folk in mind, without the hassle of having your skin looking like an oil rig.

Let’s face it – most of us know the general cause and effects of global warming, but few of us actually take it seriously. Our precious ozone layer has been skimping on its protection towards mankind day by day, letting some increasingly nasty levels of UV radiation to swagger in like a boss. While harmful in small doses, these UV rays can be detrimental to many aspects of our health, of which a lot of it can manifest on our skin. The fairer you are the worst the effects can be. Sunburns, aged skin, freckles – are all damaging side effects that occur on the skin, and just one bad exposure to sunlight can lead to potentially fatal skin diseases such as skin cancer.

This is why it is advisable for those constantly exposed to sunlight to invest in and incorporate a sunblock regime into their daily skincare routine. It is not just a matter of beauty (although the result of a well-maintained facial complexion doesn’t exactly hurt). Elles De Mont’ Sunblock provides the ideal solution for regular sun-goers, and yes, if you live in an area that is sunshiny most of the day, you’re included in the category. Their product range blocks out 99% of the UV rays with their unique mixture of particulate titanium oxide (Y-titanium) with ascorbic acid glucoside (vitamin C) for melanin suppression and natural vitamin E (tocopherol) as an antioxidant.

Still, the best part of Elles De Mont’ is that its range of products not only shields you from harmful exposure to sunlight – it is designed to be seamlessly absorbed into your skin without leaving noticeable residue or side effects.



Meet Tiffany Chin, a long-term Elles De Mont’ customer. Having inherited sensitive skin meant that Tiffany was not only susceptible to sun damage, but that acne was also another worry of this young working adult.

“I was constantly on the lookout for an ideal sunscreen product that suited my delicate skin. Of course, this meant that I’ve had the ‘fortunate’ experience of going through many products, most of which either gave me acne problems in the long run, or left me with that uncomfortable feeling of stickiness and oiliness which I had to deal with throughout my day. Thankfully though, a friend of mine suggested that I try Elles De Mont’, which ultimately put an end to my continuous hunt. Finally, a no-nonsense sunblock that works!”

So, if you’re like Tiffany, or living in a region where the sun shines the brightest, or simply looking for a guilt-free lazy day by the beach, make sure you grab a hold of the Elles De Mont’ goodness to keep your basking worries well under the shade!



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