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Prince Court Medical Centre leads the way in providing world-class healthcare and hospitality in the region, all under one roof. Being recognised by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) as the top hospital for medical tourism in the world is no easy feat, but Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) has received that honour this year. So, how does a world-renowned hospital excel so well?

*****Article by Azral Hanan*****

Going to see a doctor, especially at a hospital, used to be a dreaded affair. Back then, the pristine white walls, squeaky and shiny floors and the smell of medication and disinfectant all added up to a feeling of sterility. Then there were the crisp white uniforms of the doctors and nurses conversing in medical gobbledegook that can frankly fly over everyone’s heads, which made for an intimidating atmosphere; not to mention the worry, anxiety, and the dread. This meant that for most people, seeking medical treatment especially those requiring hospitalisation, was something to be delayed, avoided or seen only as a last resort – until Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) came long.

Today, things have certainly changed. Gone are the days when a visit to the hospital was to be viewed with apprehension, and even avoided. Instead, visits to the doctor have become more comfortable. With greater advances in the field of medicine and the science of healthcare, there is a new paradigm shift in how the medical profession treats patients and their illnesses. The emphasis is now placed on overall patient welfare, emotional wellbeing as well as the purely physical curative treatments.

In Malaysia, this approach is pioneered by Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). Their perspective is “You don’t go to a hospital because you’re sick, but to get better.” With that in mind, PCMC offers a comprehensive medically beneficial, stress free environment where the body and mind can fully recuperate and respond better to treatment. Therefore, along with world-class medical facilities and procedures, guests and visitors to PCMC can also expect resort style accommodation and hospitality that can rival even a few five-star retreats.

Anyone who enters the premises for the first time will be impressed by the expansive high atrium that gives full breadth to the size and scope of the hospital. It resembles an exclusive hotel lobby rather than a simple waiting area. Inside, there are various retail outlets on hand for those wanting to do a little shopping or browsing while waiting for their appointment.

To maximize the comfort of patients, guests and visitors, PCMC regulates the usage of odorous chemicals in the hospital, so that there is little to no trace of chemical vapours and fumes in the atmosphere throughout the facility that could be hazardous or discomfiting.

For first-time visitors to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or even those from outside of KL, PCMC has established a concierge service that can arrange shopping and sight-seeing trips throughout the bustling metropolis.


Living Space

Let’s start with the amenities available for overnight stayers whether they be patients, guests or visitors. There are around 277 standard rooms available, each fitted with a single patient’s bed, a guest bed, a living area and an LCD TV. The rooms are also equipped with one normal bathroom with showers and another with a bathtub. Up to 14 suites and junior suites are also provided.

There’s also a single VVIP suite available, though two more will be added soon. Along with the standard furnishings and niceties, the VVIP room comes with its own separate dining area, complete with a grand dining table. It also comes attached with a separate living room where you’ll find sofas and Wi-Fi access.


Eating Healthy at PCMC

At PCMC, it’s all about having world-class medical care going hand in hand with resort-style excellence. Not surprisingly, with food, the focus is on wholesome and healthy eating prepared to the highest standards by the excellent kitchen team, led by a head chef with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Fresh ingredients and premium price items are purchased daily to ensure the highest standards in culinary preparation.

So, when it comes to food servings, the patient’s therapeutic and dietary requirements are integrated with the culinary experience. There are three main meal services for the patients daily with breakfast then lunch, followed by dinner. In among the three main meals are also included morning and afternoon tea breaks. Every menu and recipe follows the guidelines set out by the doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.

For in-patients, food preparation is individually tailored to suit the patient’s nutritional requirements and is done a la carte, not in bulk. At PCMC, menus are separately categorised according to a patient’s prescribed diet. These categories include low-fat diets, low cholesterol diets and diets for diabetics where the calories are carefully measured and supervised. There are even specific menus prepared for mothers on maternity, newborns and children.

In consultation with the dietician, individual recipes and dishes can be further customised in accordance with a patient’s preferred tastes. Not only that, the kitchen team is experienced, skilled and versatile enough to be able to fulfill any special requests (for example, they granted one patient’s wish by making pureed nasi ayam).

VIP patients have access to the Butler Service – they get a different menu where the meal servings are prepared by a separate kitchen team in accordance with the guidelines provided by the dieticians and nutritionists.


Food Galleria

For visitors and guests, do take advantage of the tasty mouth-watering delicacies that can be ordered at the Food Galleria. This in-house restaurant offers patrons the comfort of a semi-fine dining experience without having to leave the premises. The cuisine is eclectic; a mix of western and indigenous local flavours all presented in fine dining style. Among the selection of dishes available are varieties of pizza and pastas, and if that’s too heavy, there’s soup as well as tea, juices and mocktails for some refreshment.

For a little fun and variety with your taste buds, the Food Galleria also provides theme-based menus where dishes all revolve around a single theme or concept. The restaurant has done monthly promotional themes based on the regional delicacies of individual Malaysian States such as Kelantanese or Penang specialities.

They have even done movie-themed menus where both the restaurant décor and the menu are adapted to reflect certain aspects of the film. So, for example, a ‘Labu-Labi’ movie theme (a P. Ramlee classic) menu would feature that classic Malaysian dish, the satay, while a ‘Garfield’ theme saw the orange feline’s favourite lasagna taking centre stage. Other themed events include those for football competitions such as the European Cup or the World Cup.

Guests, who are staying overnight accompanying a patient, can also order and have meals directly delivered from the Food Galleria to their rooms. VIP guests are under the purview of the Butler Service which also includes having a distinct team at the Food Galleria to prepare their meals.

Anyone can book reservations at the Food Galleria, even without being clients of PCMC itself. Whether it’s for a private event, a luncheon, meeting or gathering, the restaurant’s two meeting rooms can accommodate any social occasion.

Don’t worry if you have kids, for there’s a play area set aside just for the little ones so no-one needs to stay at home.

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Where Medical Hospitality is a Reality

What makes Prince Court Medical Centre stand out, is that as a hospital, it has succeeded in merging healthcare and comfort, with a little dash of luxury. All these and more add up to a relaxing and enjoyable stay for the duration of treatment and thus greater potential for a speedier and fuller recovery of not just the body, but also the mind and spirit.



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