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Transparence. The antithesis of ambiguity, it embodies clarity—freedom. Transparence is changing the world and the way we view time. Transparence reveals the handiwork of the master watchmaker: impeccably finished bridges, precisely beveled edges, and a symphony of mechanical complexity. Transparence − presented here in a limited edition of 11 pieces in red gold − unveils the heart and soul of a rare timepiece too alluring to cover up.

Models coming down the Escalator bearing the Maitres du Temps signature wooden box with the Chapter One Transparence inside
Models coming down the Escalator bearing the Maitres du Temps signature wooden box with the Chapter One Transparence inside.

It was a night of double surprises as Maîtres du Temps launched two timepieces at Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time VII Public Night on 27th November 2013. The first timepiece launched was the RM1.9 million Chapter One Round Transparence, made of red gold and crafted by three Award winning watchmakers. The timepiece was launched by Founder of Maîtres du Temps, Mr. Steven Holtzman, and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christophe Viguerie. The Chapter One Tonneau Transparence was the second timepiece launched that night, made of titanium and white gold. It was specially made for Starhill Gallery and A Journey Through Time VII.

Steven Holtzman launching the second timepiecce of the night, the Chapter One Transparence Tonneau, created especially for Starhill Gallery and A Journey Through Time VII
Steven Holtzman launching the second timepiecce of the night, the Chapter One Transparence Tonneau, created especially for Starhill Gallery and A Journey Through Time VII

It is as stunning as it is revealing. The high precision, laser-etched sapphire see-through dial invites you to discover the meticulously decorated movement and all its mechanical prowess and intricate inner workings. The sapphire dial designed for Transparence is a work of art and an example of the highest level precision engineering. The 0.40 mm, ultrathin high-tech sapphire dial is cut and precisely laser-pierced more than twenty times to provide holes for the anchors to securely fasten the appliqués that mark the passage of time.

The fastidious process of machining the multi-beveled minute track, which includes hand-painted Super-LumiNova indices, illustrates that the level of detail in Chapter One Round Transparence is not just limited to the movement. While the meticulous process of fitting the tourbillon cage to the fine, nearly invisible dial is reserved for only the most accomplished of watchmakers who dare to take on such a complicated assembly, the result is an extremely legible timepiece with a breathtaking view into mechanical mastery.

Equally notable is the addition of the precious metal finish chronograph bridge visible through the octagonal sapphire display back. Through a patented plating process, four precious metals belonging to the platinum family—platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and palladium—combine to give the chronograph bridge the darkened appearance unique to the Chapter One Transparence collection. “Chapter One Transparence offers a glimpse into the world of the master watchmaker. The sapphire dial reveals the often concealed inner workings of the timepiece and its high level of craftsmanship. Looking into the movement—the soul of the watch—gives one an appreciation of how the watch was created, the human hands that touched it, the ingenuity that formed it,” says Founder Steven Holtzman.


A World-First Combination of Complications

Chapter One Round Transparence takes center stage as the evolution of the Chapter One collection continues. Chapter One is a world-first combination of complications, comprising a tourbillon, mono-pusher chronograph, retrograde date, retrograde GMT, and two idiosyncratic rolling bars indicating the day of the week and phase of the moon. The collection is quintessential Maîtres du Temps and became an instant classic among rave reviews by the press and collectors across the globe.

Chapter One, then and now, is a horological work of art, both inside and out. Long, flowing compound curves traverse the case, imparting a sense of nobility and power without leaving a trace of the complexity involved. The ease of both reading and adjusting Chapter One’s many indications disguises the fact that the micromechanical movement powering this masterpiece is crafted from 558 components. A tour of the dial reveals central coaxial hours, minutes, and chronograph 60-second counter; tourbillon and day of the week roller at 6 o’clock; retrograde GMT at 9 o’clock; 60-minute chronograph counter and precision moon phase roller at 12 o’clock; and retrograde date at 3 o’clock.

Meticulous attention to every minute detail throughout the design and execution of all facets of Chapter One’s development has resulted in a timepiece of exceptional presence and refinement. The harmoniously integrated rolling bars, for example, had to be both large enough to be easily read and small enough to be ultralight and homogeneous with the case. Scintillating, laser-pierced moon and stars on the outer roller of the moon phase indication add to its stellar elegance. The iconic rolling bars are unmistakable Maîtres du Temps and the foundation of the brand’s unmistakable DNA.

The Chapter One collection is an enduring beacon of ingenuity and architectural form. As sublime as it is complex, the original tonneau case put the industry on notice to a new standard of excellence. Followed by a creative interpretation of the classic round case, Chapter One Round demonstrated the collection’s versatility. Now, with the advent of Chapter One Transparence, in both tonneau and round cases—the technical prowess of the collection is proudly revealed for all to see. The One of 11 elegantly engraved at the back of each timepiece highlights the limitation of this exclusive series. And the story of Chapter One continues . . .

Guests admiring the Chapter One Transparence
Guests admiring the Chapter One Transparence

Chapter One Round Transparence – Technical Specifications

Chapter One Round Transparence in red gold is a limited edition of 11 pieces with a transparent sapphire crystal dial. Laser-etched sapphire dial revealing a manual-wind mechanical movement with hand-beveled cut-out bridges and a precious metal finish chronograph bridge, one-minute tourbillon, mono-pusher chronograph, retrograde date indicator, retrograde GMT indicator, day of the week indication on roller, patented precise moon phase indication on roller.


Central hands indicating hours and minutes

Central chronograph counterpoised second hand

60-minute counter at 12 o’clock

Retrograde date at 3 o’clock

Retrograde GMT at 9 o’clock

One-minute tourbillon at 6 o’clock

Day of the week indication on roller at 6 o’clock

Patented precise moon phase indication on roller at 12 o’clock


Two-position winding crown: pushed in to wind the watch; pulled out to set the time

Chronograph: start/stop/return-to-zero function activated by single pusher in the crown


Date corrector at 2 o’clock

Day of the week corrector at 4 o’clock

Moon phase corrector at 8 o’clock

GMT corrector at 10 o’clock

Caliber SHC02.1

Hand-beveled cut-out bridges

Black precious metal finish chronograph bridge

Dimensions: 51 mm x 31 mm

Number of components: 558

Number of jewels: 58

Power reserve: 60 hours

Tourbillon rotation: 60 seconds

Balance frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)


Limited edition of 11 pieces in 18K red gold, each engraved One of 11

Number of components: 96

Dimensions: 62 mm x 59 mm x 22 mm

Sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating

Display back: sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

High polish and satin finishes on compound-curve surfaces

Correctors with integrated locking system


High-precision, laser-etched sapphire

Number of components: 5

Circular grained appliqués

White Super-LumiNova indices


Red counterpoised chronograph hand

Sporty faceted diamond-cut hands

Luminescent hour and minute hands


Day barrel: matte finish anodized Anticorodal aluminum

Moon phase barrel: anodized Anticorodal aluminum with painted moon and stars inside a matte finish anodized cover with laser-pierced moon and stars.

Strap and buckle

Hand-sewn alligator strap with 18K gold deployant buckle


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