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There’s something about wearing white t-shirts that guarantee you the most unlikely spills of the day. But no worries, let the Silic shirt come to the rescue. Designed by Aamir Patel, a San Fran based student, the Silic t-shirt repels anything that is spilt on it, from ketchup, to wine, to bad jokes. The shirt gets this repellant property from the billions of silica particles that are bonded the the fibre of the shirt, rendering it invincible against stains.


The t-shirt does come with specific care instructions, though. Apart from no bleech or fabric softener contact, the shirt can’t be ironed or dry cleaned. It can only be washed and tumble dried in low heat to preserve the performance of the shirt. For a shirt that doesn’t stain and can last up to 80 washes (2 years)? We think it’s a doable compromise to live with. View more info on the Silic shirt through its Kickstarter page.


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