360 Celsius, a unique multidimensional communication platform. 360 Celsius integrates the magazine , web and events to create layers of experience for brands and communities. in this fast paced world of technology, we seek to harness the power of technology yet bridge the essential needs of personal relationships – a key element in work, friendship and love.

360 Celsius is the one Malaysian platform articulated into a tangible communication vehicle, an introspective lens showcasing the best of Malaysian brands and its experiences for our own awareness and to the world. Our vision is to be able to offer insight into the thinking and creative process of a holistic view of Malaysia from different perspectives and industries.

Central to the concept is the monthly 360 round table forums held over a unique F&B experience and attended by various influences from different industries to discuss the social and creative development of Malaysia and its way forwards. As we move to have one of the youngest population in the world, we seek to identify, inform , entertain and provoke the new ideas for the bright future ahead.

“We don’t live to work, we work to live and we live to love ”

– THE 360 TEAM –




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