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Behold – Cindy Crawford’s First Magazine Cover in 1982

Behold – Cindy Crawford’s First Magazine Cover in 1982

Behold – Cindy Crawford’s First Magazine Cover in 1982


It’s not Thursday, but we just had to bring you this throwback, courtesy of Cindy Crawford. Because it is just too much. It’s her first-ever official magazine cover, published on November 3, 1982, in an amazing publication entitled DeKalb NITE Weekly.

As you can see, the 16-year-old Ms. Crawford showcases a fun, flirty bikini for summer, against a timeless, classy poolside backdrop complete with picket fence, thus illustrating the town-and-country nature of high-end summer loungewear.

Now, this is the “communiversity” issue, so you know it’s extra-special, and undoubtedly an experience that changed Crawford’s future, forever.
America’s favorite supermodel Tweeted the scan along with a host of other nostalgic images, but this was by far the best postcard from her trip down memory lane. The shot was taken in her boyfriend’s backyard in DeKalb, Illinois, where Crawford grew up.


All jokes aside, this is a moment on the brink of stardom — only a few years later, she would move to Manhattan to model full-time and, eventually, become one of the world’s most recognizable faces. Considering our post-grad bikini pictures are still many times more awkward than her casual high school moment, we’ll probably be Tweeting at her for tips the next time we hit the community pool!

Via: refinery29.com


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