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Radiant, spirited, seductive. These fine words accurately describe Piaget’s Limelight Gala watch, the latest series of luxury watches that accompany its current opulent collection.

The Piaget Limelight Gala comes in six different designs, each one meant to outstandingly shine at different times of the day. For those who are into particularly dazzling timepieces, you might be more into the fully encrusted piece, Ref : G0A38164 with its 18k white gold base lined with 741 brilliant-cut diamonds right up to the straps of the watch, giving the wearer a 360 degree of ‘blinginess’. But if you’re one of those who enjoys pieces that radiate subtle extravagance, you might want to check out the Ref: G0A38160 white or black satin strapped piece with 62 of its brilliantly cut diamonds lining its vivaciously feminine white/pink gold curvatures. Slim-fitted, the watch’s 32mm circular case is only 7.2mm in thickness, giving even more of a sleek touch to this delicate beauty.

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The brand Piaget was born back in 1874, in a small village in Jura, Switzerland, where the horology aficionado himself, Georges Édouard Piaget obsessively devoted his time into making high precision clockwork movements and soon created a name for himself. As the brand advanced way beyond his time, the brand Piaget gained enormous recognition, and eventually created a record for themselves in 1957, creating the Calibre 12P, built on the world’s thinnest hand-wound, self-winding watch mechanics measuring just 2.3 mm thick.


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