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When you spend five hours driving out of the city to embark on a countryside adventure, you’d want to get the most out of your trip. Whether it’s knowing the cool spots that only the locals would know, or whether you need some help in planning out this exciting weekend of yours, just bring along your smartphone with these (mostly free) apps installed in it, and you’re set for the time of your life! (Image via boutiquelondonlets.com)



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If you haven’t heard of this navigation app by now, you’ve been missing out big time. Waze won’t only come in handy during your exploration of this new town you’re heading too, but comes in useful during regular city driving as well. The app integrates data that is sent in by users, thus keeping it updated on an almost real-time basis, and the best part is, it warns you of impending cop stops and navigates you around nasty jams to keep your road rage level at a minimum.


World Explorer

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Wherever you end up going, World Explorer lets you look up the nearby hotspots that you might want to pop by for a visit. You can use the rating, distance, and alphabetical filtering options available to help you choose the location that you’d like to visit, whether you favour more cultural attractions like museums and must-see architecture, or are the avid shopaholic who goes for malls, malls, and more malls.

Tip: You can also use the localized MyTravel Malaysia if you’re going to be travelling within the country only.


Hotels By Me


As the name suggests, this app uses your current location settings, and finds hotels and lodgings around you, leaving you free to modify your plans and route as you’d like. Through this app you can filter the hotels and lodgings by star rating, price, and distance from you, and even make a booking should you come across something that you like.



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If you’re actually doing the whole countryside camping thing, you’d definitely appreciate this download. SkyMap maps out the visible (and some not-so-visible) stars, planets and satellites in the sky out to precision, using the location setting information on your phone. Just launch the app and aim it to the heavens to figure out what that bright star actually is. Even if you’re in the city or the skies are filled with annoying clouds, this app is still pretty cool to scan the skies with.



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When you have a fully-packed itinerary ahead of you, keeping track of all the booking references, expenses, dates, and times can become overwhelming. Tripit solves that problem pretty well. Once you’ve made (and paid) for a booking, whether it’s a hotel lodging, museum entry, or to an opera show, just forward your booking confirmation email to plans@tripit.com, and it will categorize it into your smartphone app, laying out your itinerary for your holiday. QED.


Mobility Trip (a.k.a. Travel Guide & Journal)

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Everyone knows the global conspiracy of how time suddenly passes so damn fast when you’re out holidaying. Cherish the moments you have, snap some quality photos, and log them into this Mobility Trip to make a digital photobook that you can then share online with friends and family or simply reminisce with. You can even insert your own quirky and silly captions to add a more personal touch to your project!



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This may seem a little out of the topic, but it really is not. Having a crazy long journey ahead of you would probably mean that you’d have to spend an hour organizing all the music you can take with you on your trip, right? Wrong! With Spotify, you can stream and endless list of music from your mobile phone, and discover some new tracks and artists while you’re at it! The down side is that you’d have to pay RM14.90 (USD 4.99) per month for the service to be available on your mobile device, however as the app gives you unlimited access to music, and allows you to save tracks for listening offline, it’s a pretty good deal to go with. If you rather take the cheapskate way out of things, though, then you’ll be glad to know that as the first month comes as a free trial, you always have the option of terminating your subscription after your (less-than-a-month) holiday.




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