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At one point, phones were getting smaller and smaller, but then, as our needs rapidly changed over the past decade, they began getting slimmer, faster by leaps and bounds. Eventually, otherwise small screens became bigger, and better – allowing us to view content we would otherwise have only been able to enjoy on a computer or television.

When it comes to Samsung smartphones and the quality of your content, bigger is definitely the way to go with the Galaxy Mega. The latest smartphone available from Samsung, this model brings you all the benefits of a tablet and phone in one, displaying content in impeccable quality on no less than a 6.3 inch Super Clear LCD display.


While remarkably thin at a mere 8mm, this new companion sure packs amazing speed and capabilities. At its heart is the blazing fast 1.7GHz dual core Snapdragon Krait processor which makes all apps and function ultra responsive. Coupled with the phone’s LTE 4G capabilities, you may also run multiple applications and functions while barely noticing any difference in speed nor smoothness.

Whatever your needs are, the Galaxy Mega will handle them at ease. Endowed with 16GB of space with the option of expanding up to a whopping 64GB via external storage, you can rest assured there will be enough space for all those important files you need on hand no matter how large they are.

Presenting enhanced productivity to those who rely on their smartphone for important work, the Galaxy Mega is also equipped with multi-screen functionality, making it one of the only smartphones in its class to offer this highly indispensible function. In addition, the ‘ Sound&Shot’ feature is also incorporated, allowing you to record pristine audio and capture high quality images wherever you are.


Things can only get better when the Samsung Galaxy expands, and in a world where size does matter, the all new Galaxy Mega is at your beck and call.

By: Angelo Manuel 

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