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World champion traceur, Jason Paul has never been to Malaysia before this. Hence, local Parkour practitioners – Malaysia’s Alpha Parkour Movement was more than eager to show Jason around, hoping in return, Jason would show them a trick or two.

P-20130908-00027_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

What were to come in the next two days would wow the Alpha Parkour Movement freerunners beyond their expectations.

P-20130908-00025_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Jason – a Frankfurt native and Red Bull Art of Motion champion, has been freerunning since he was 14 years old.

P-20130908-00020_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Now at 22, he has taken on half the world, scaling and flipping off walls, roofs and anything he could use to reflect his weight on.

P-20130908-00021_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

This however is his first time taking on a heritage town like Malacca – a culturally unique township that is untested from a Parkour perspective.

P-20130908-00014_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

The result is an impressive and sometimes slippery affair as Jason finds out.

P-20130908-00011_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Touching base with Malacca’s iconic sites like A Famosa, St.Paul Hill and The Selat Mosque; Jason demonstrated the brilliance of new age subculture meeting centuries-old heritage.

P-20130908-00010_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Rightfully so, Jason was also exposed to the local gems that make Malacca one of Malaysia’s most loved-towns; particularly Jonker Street and its local food galore; Satay Celup, Nasi Lemak, Bird’s Nest and Nyonya cuisine.

P-20130908-00012_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

For more information on the Red Bull Art of Motion, check out their website!

***Press release courtesy of Red Bull***




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